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Request a Fire Hydrant Flow Test 

The following information is required to be submitted to us when requesting a fire hydrant flow test. 

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A legible map must be submitted with the following information:
a. Project Site
b. Main streets and any side streets close to the project site
c. Identify at least two (2) fire hydrants: one (1) for the static and residual reading and one (1) for the flow  reading.

DO NOT submit strap numbers. **FYI** Matlacha/Pine Island Fire Control District is not permitted to perform flow tests on private fire hydrants.

The fee, per test, is $40.00. Fee is required to be paid prior to release of the completed flow test.

If there are any issues with completed this form or submitted the required site map please submit directly via email to or contact the Fire Inspector at 239-283-0030 for assistance.

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