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Holiday Decoration Self-Inspection

The following are some common hazards associated with seasonal holiday operations: 

  • Extension cords shall not be used as a substitute for permanent wiring.
  • No furnishings, decorations, or other objects shall obstruct exits, access to exits, or visibility of the exit.
  • No decorations or objects shall obstruct exit signs or emergency lights.
  • Fire extinguishers shall not be obstructed or obscured from view. 
  • No decoration or object shall obstruct the fire alarm panel, pull stations, or strobes from view. 
  • Storage or stock height shall be a minimum of 18 inches below sprinkler heads. 
  • Storage or stock height shall not exceed 12 foot in height (unless your fire sprinkler system has been designed for higher stock/storage height).
  • Fresh cut Christmas trees are not permitted inside buildings (EXCEPTION: trees located in business, mercantile, and Day-Care occupancies protected by fire sprinkler systems).
  • Open flames and other sources of ignition need careful examination and evaluation. Please contact our office if you intend to have candles lit in your occupancy so we may evaluate and advise if this would be an acceptable practice. 

During the holiday season our Fire Inspector will be randomly and periodically visiting different established occupancies throughout our District to verify compliance with the Florida Fire Prevention Code. Please give us a call if you have any questions regarding the fire safety of your business, store, restaurant, school, or church. We want to make this holiday season safe and enjoyable for you, your friends, and your customers. 

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