A computerized database has been established to track the stickers and as to whom they were issued as well as if they are reported lost or stolen. Stickers shall act as a security system for the LCSO patrols after re-entry. 

When phased re-entry is opened:

· Vehicle goes to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office checkpoint with stickers in the drivers side top left window.

· Officials at the LCSO checkpoint do not need to stop the car if:

· The sticker is visible AND

· The sticker is current and (as determined by the Matlacha/Pine Island Fire District) to be allowed re-entry by
           LCSO at the current time.

· Be patient- access to affected areas will be controlled.

· Stay tuned- listen to your local TV and radio stations.

· Have current, valid I.D.s and Hurricane stickers and a driver’s license with a Matlacha/Pine Island address. Security operations will include checkpoints.

· Avoid driving- roads will have debris which can puncture tires. Don’t add to the congestion of relief workers, supply trucks, law enforcement, etc.

· Observe curfew hours- don’t sight-see, especially at night!