Why the Stickers?

The stickers are to make re-entry easier after an event. It is in all of our best interest to keep the number of vehicles within the fire district to a minimum after a storm event.

What do I need to obtain a Hurricane Sticker?

What is needed is a proof of residency or ownership (a valid driver’s license with your name and your Matlacha or Pine Island address, a copy of a tax bill, deed, rental agreement, or utility bill, etc.). A document of this type will suffice. We may still require a copy of your driver's license even if you don't use it as proof of residency.

Do I need an application form for each person in my household?

Each vehicle that will be re-entering the Matlacha/Pine Island area should have a sticker. Therefore, an application for each sticker as well as a copy of each person's driver's license will be required. Remember, you are accountable for each sticker that you request and are issued.

I have both residential and commercial properties, what should I do?

You can fill out one applications since residents and businesses have the same sticker system. 

Where do I place my Sticker? 

The sticker must be placed driver's side window in the top left corner.